Metal Foundations Announces Name Change to Shaner Industries

Metal Foundations Announces Name Change

Metal Foundations, a Pittsburgh-based company that specializes in the design, engineering and installation of steel foundations, has announced plans to change its name to Shaner Industries to better align itself with the Shaner family of companies.

“The new name more clearly aligns us with the Shaner brand and allows us an opportunity to build an exciting future,” said Geoffrey Feidelberg, CEO of Metal Foundations and COO of Shaner Capital LP. “We wanted a new name that would represent our metal foundation products, as well as allow us to expand and build upon our growing presence within various industries. The new name, Shaner Industries, is a perfect fit for our long-term goals.”

With over $1 billion in assets, the Shaner family of companies includes businesses within numerous industries including; oil and gas, hotel, water treatment, construction, finance, and venture capital. With the Shaner name behind it, Shaner Industries [Metal Foundations] more clearly establishes the depth and breadth of its organization, and demonstrates its financial strength to stakeholders.

Metal Foundations plans to “phase in” its new name over the next few months. The company’s website, will remain active, while the site is mirrored at

About Shaner Industries: Shaner Industries [Metal Foundations] is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shaner Capital, L.P. and is based in Pittsburgh, Pa. For nearly 20 years, Shaner Industries [Metal Foundations] has been the prime choice of many organizations to efficiently design and install sturdy foundations to support various structures. With patented foundation designs and installation processes, Shaner Industries [Metal Foundations] has installed more than 200,000 steel foundations worldwide. With a historical track record of durability and reliability, Shaner Industries [Metal Foundations] has clearly positioned its steel foundations as the unparalleled alternative to concrete foundations.
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About Shaner Capital, L.P.: Shaner Capital L.P. is a private investment fund formed by Lance T. Shaner, CEO of the Shaner Group. The objective of Shaner Capital is to assist well-run, innovative companies to grow and expand their businesses. Shaner Capital holds controlling interests in numerous operating companies.

Headquartered in State College, Pa., Shaner Capital and the Shaner Family of Companies are comprised of diverse and financially strong organizations with over 2,500 associates globally. For more information: